The Wonders of Fruit Juice

Fruit juice is a very good source of fiber and various essential nutrients. Apart from the skin, the pulpy part of the fruit can also provide high levels of fiber. For instance, the pulp of the orange is a great source of Flavonoids (or bioflavonoids) and the orange-colored part of the fruit is high in vitamin C. These to essential nutrients act together and help improve health.

Vitamin C and Flavonoids usually work together in order to support good health. This is the reason why purchasing processed fruit juices is not recommended because the fruit’s essential nutrients are lost during the process. Although you can find a lot of fruit juice products in the market with ‘pulp added’ on their descriptions, many of these products do not contain the original fruit pulp.

Remember that the most ideal way to consume fruit is raw, including its skin. It is also recommended to eat your fruit on an empty stomach or twenty minutes before eating your meal. If you are not into fruits, you can still experience the great benefits of fruits by making juice from them.

According to researches, fruit juices with rich colors are the best because this means that the manufacturer includes the skin of the fruit in the process. It is a given fact that the skin of any fruit contains the highest intensity of essential nutrients that are beneficial to health.

In general, fruit juice helps eliminate the acids and toxins inside the body. Apart from fruit juices, vegetable juices are also beneficial to health as they can help sooth the nerves. Remember that these juices are entirely different from each other and work in different ways so it is best to use them individually.

Interested in a Fruit Juice Diet?

Most people are having difficulty in losing weight. Some of them complain about eating the right kinds of foods but still cannot eliminate that remaining three to six pounds. There are many kinds of diet plans that can help you eliminate fat and a good fruit juice diet is recommended to get rid of those excess fats in the body.

Before engaging yourself into drinking fruit juice as your diet, there are certain things that you should consider in order to make it work. The first thing to do is to visit your doctor in order to determine if you have any health concerns or medical conditions.

A diet that consists of drinking fruit juice usually lasts from three days to one week. If it is your first time on this diet, it is recommended to try it for 2 to 3 days and observe its effect on your body.

Fruit juice effectively cleanses the body and eliminates all the bad toxins and chemicals instantly so it is considered as one of the best ways to detoxify the body. After two days of your fruit juice diet, you will experience stomachache, headache, irritability and tiredness but all these side effects are only temporary. Once all the chemicals and bad toxins in the body are eliminated from the body (usually after three days), you can notice weight loss, improved memory and mental functions and increased energy.

Keep in mind that it is important to avoid consuming processed fruit juices because these products are full of refined sugars, preservatives, additives and artificial flavorings. Processed fruit juices can increase the levels of insulin and in most cases, they can cause diabetes and certain types of cancer.